Sunday, 28 September 2014

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

First thing's first (I'm the realist, sorry it has to be done) I have been desperate to get my hands on this classic for quite some time, but kept putting it off because of the jaw dropping £33.50 price tag, yikes. But when I was off on holiday and magically found myself in duty-free, I decided to bite the bullet as it had a significant discount, and boy I do not regret it.

As this is one of Viviannadoesmakeup's all time favourites and her skin always looks fabulous, I knew it had to be a good one, as it promises an ultra light feel with a slight coverage. Gone are the days where I thought I needed a super heavy coverage (for some slightly red bits), as I just go over there with concealer and the rest can be pretty light coverage. 

The foundation itself is water based, probably why it feels so light, so you need to shake it before use and then squirt a little onto the back of your hand or onto your brush. When applying, it literally melts into the skin and leaves a glowy but not overly dewy-I'm very sweaty look, which is just what I love. 

My favourite thing about this foundation is the fact that it doesn't look like you're wearing foundation. There's enough coverage to even out your skin tone but you don't look caked in makeup, so it's pretty much perfect skin in a bottle!

I would certainly recommend this gorgeous product - if you're willing to pay the extra then I'd certainly say go for it!


  1. This product looks amazing - must get my hands on this. I really like water-based foundations, they make me feel more natural haha. Love your blog Olivia:-* Xxxx love charlotte :-)

  2. You are so lucky to own this!xx

  3. this foundation sounds amazing, Chanel make up is the BEST! x

  4. Hey I have a blog and I love yours. Mine is anonymous. Would you ever consider a collaboration post.
    Love Pastel Blue x