Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stopping the Back to School Blues

Hello again everyone and welcome to September - finally the beginning of autumn! Sadly however, the start of September also means the start of school, which for most of us isn't something we look forward to and for me especially, this time can often make you feel stressed out and a bit down in the dumps. But if you take a little bit of action and preparation for back to school, it can easily become a bit easier and even enjoyable, so here is how to make the best out of back to school and making it as simple to deal with as possible!

1. Get organised in advance

I know we're all guilty of not being bothered to get our uniform or school books together for the next school day and being flustered in the morning trying to get everything together in time, getting you all stressed before your day even starts! To stop this happening, I always try to layout the clothes I'll be wearing, the makeup I want to wear and pack my school bag with all the books and homework I need, so in the morning it's way less of a frenzy and everything I need is ready.

2. Keep busy after school

I'm also guilty of this one, getting home from school with nothing to do for hours, leaving you feeling pretty miserable and gets you into a cycle of feeling rubbish! Try and keep yourself busy with things to do, like seeing your friends or joining a club to go to after school, rather than sitting at home waiting to go to bed and feeling bored.

3. Talk to someone about your day

If something at school is stressing me out or I just have something on my mind, I find I always feel a hundred times better if I talk to someone about it to let off some steam and get the weight off your shoulders. Have a chat with your mum or a friend or even a teacher if you're finding something not so great and it will always make things feel a big easier.

4. Remember it's okay to take a break!

Being in school with constant work and exams is tough, so it's always good to take a little breather every once in a while and do what makes you feel relaxed and happy for a little while. Whether that's watching YouTube videos or some TV, maybe lighting a candle and having a bubble bath, these little things always take my mind off the school day and give me a positive outlook on the day ahead.

Those are my little tips for back to school, I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and try to enjoy it, even though that may seem impossible!

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