Wednesday, 25 September 2013

10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Hello again! I had a fab idea for this post from the lovely BethalinaBetha's YouTube video about the things that made her happy, so I thought why not write about mine? I'd love to read other people's posts of this so hopefully you'll enjoy mine, here goes...

1. Dancing!

I started dancing again at aged 11 I think, and ever since then I've adored it. I started off just doing  modern and acro classes for an hour on a Saturday, and now I do ballet, tap, pointe, acro, modern and 2 competition classes 3 days a week, pretty mad huh! I did start off just going along with it and not really loved going, but since taking more and more classes and improving a lot, I've got loads of amazing opportunities such as competing and performing in Blackpool Opera House in front of thousands of people, competing at Buxton opera house for a scholarship competitions and doing exams for some of the best in the buisness, even gaining a distinction! (96% and above) it is honestly tough and a lot of hard work, stress and of course aching, but I wouldn't change it for the world, I'm proud to call myself a dancer and proud of my progress, my dance school and I hope to go been further in the future with it!

2. Beauty/make up!

As you can see from my instagram page, I do quite like buying, testing and photographing makeup! It was only pretty recently that my slight addiction started, mainly to be blamed on all the gorgeous girly instagrams I was following, and I decided that I wanted mine to look like that, and I wanted to experiment with more makeup, since I only wore basic foundation and mascara! That soon changed as I watched more and more beauty gurus on YouTube and joining more bandwagons on beauty must haves. Makeup does make me happy because I love trying new lipsticks, new highlighters etc, it makes me feel confident and excited to get all dressed up, and I've been more ready to do that through the lovely people of ig!

3. My friends! 

This is a pretty obvious one really, but it's been in the past year or so that these wonderful people have really made me really happy, both the fab girls at dance (1st and 3rd picture) and my best friends at school (2nd and 4th) we always manage to have a laugh yet I can trust them with anything also. As I've grown older, I've grown to see who my true friends are and who will stick with me through whatever, and I appreciate that so much, so if any of you are reading this, I love you all very much!

4. Musicals!

If you know me personally, you know that I am truly a musical girl at heart! I love everything about them, the uplifting songs, amazing actresses and dancers, everything! I've been to see quite a few because my grandma loves everything theatre, which I think started out my obsession! Some of my favourites are Wicked, Les Miserables, Hairspray and Chicago but there are many more. I would love to be in a musical in the west end someday, probably not a leading lady since I don't have the best singing voice but to be a dancer in theatre will always be a big dream of mine!

5. Sweets!

This is a bit of a silly one I know, but is am seriously the girl with the sweet tooth! I'm quite a fussy eater which my mum hates, but one thing I always crave are sweets, in particular, jelly tots which are my absolute favourite, if you've noticed from my instagram. They just make me happy and I love having a little treat whenever I'm feeling down or even happy, because they're  so fruity and fun.

6. Online shopping!

There are a few things I've had my eye on for a while, whilst browsing all of my favourite online shops for a few bits and bobs! I actually prefer browsing and buying cute things through the internet than in store, as I find it a lot less stressful and more relaxing, since you can do everything from your own home and there are no annoying staff following you around, which really bugs me when I'm trying to have a look around! There are also a lot more variety of things online, like if you go into a shop, there won't be nearly as many clothing pieces as you can see on the online shop, so you'll always find something you like online, usually. I also love going onto websites like boohoo and amazon, since they're only online, and finding pieces that maybe other people won't all have! 

7. My bedroom!

Recently, I had my room redecorated since I'd moved house, going from a red and black themed bedroom with white and red walls, weird I know to a way more girly and fun, pink and white floral theme, just perfect for instagramming! It feels so much more fresh and cute than my old room, and I love my baby pink walls, duvet and curtains that match and some of my ballet decor like the wall sticker and poster, all of which you can have a look at in my room tour post! I always feel happy in my room since it represents me and everything I like!

8. Instagram!

Here is my instagram account and a few of my favourite photos on there, in case you hadn't found me though instagram! I started my account over a year ago, but it was just a regular personal account and I didn't really pay attention to what I uploaded, just random things of whatever I felt like posting! But around April-May time was when I found all these gorgeous, girly ig's that I just fell in love with, they all had such lovely makeup and cute floral backgrounds, and that was what got me into makeup more and making my account more like that, since I already had the duvet! Since then, my follower count has gone up from 300 to 6000 in just a few months, which is pretty mad but I'm so grateful that that many people want to look at my photos! And I love looking at other themed pretty instagrams too, especially commenting and taking inspiration from their photos.

9. Going on holiday!

These photos were taken from when I went to the gorgeous island of Jersey during the summer holidays! I love going on holiday in general just to get away from everything/one for a week or two, catching up a good book and just chilling out in the sun, which we don't get much of in freezing England! I'm pretty lucky since I go 2-3 a year, with my mum, my dad and then with my extended family. Some of my favourite holidays have been Florida, which was pretty magical since we went to all the parks like Magic Kingdom and swam with dolphins, Italy which was beautiful and Egypt, where the weather was amazing and our hotel was fab.

10. Demi Lovato!

Okay, this woman is my role model, I literally love her. She's beautiful, inspiring with her incredible story and her music is to die for, there's so much emotion and strength in every song! If I say any more, this post will be a million pages because I have so much to say about her but you probably know most of it, so we'll leave it there! 

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  1. Fab post :) + I love a good musical as well! Les Mis is my fave x

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