Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Little Room Tour

So recently, I've had a bit of a move around with a few things in my room, and since it's all looking rather cute and put together now, I thought I would show you a few of my favourite parts of my room, as the last time I did was over a year ago!

You may be wondering what that odd looking black thing on my little table is? I was very excited to finally get a Tassimo Fidela, which is basically a fancy coffee machine, and I keep it in my room as a motivation to get up in the morning and make my morning coffee!

I keep all the coffee pods and milk frothers here, as well as a little pot of sugar and some of my favourite magazines.

Can you tell I like dancing - everything seems to do with pointe shoes! Here is my bin (exciting!) and my little drawers which I keep all my school books in, and on top I have one of my favourite Yankee Candles in Pink Sands.

I also keep my huge Darcey Bussell book here by my scrapbook, and a little cake stand with all my lush goodies and a few Yankee Candle Tarts.

If you couldn't already tell, this is my bed, probably my favourite place! All of my bedding is from Dunelm Mill.

I just keep some books and DVDs on my window sill, and my FRIENDS DVD Boxset.

On my rather cluttered dressing table is where I keep all my makeup, skin care and perfume goodies! 

And this is where all of the makeup magic happens! These acrylic storage units are from Muji.

This is another one of my favourite Yankee Candles, especially for the summer time!

Hope you've liked having a little nosey in my rather pink room! Until next time...


  1. your room is beautiful! You are so lucky to have a coffee machine in your room that is like my dream! I also love your make up storage! please check out my blog xxx

  2. I loved your room tour, your room is very cute. My favourite parts where your bed covers and the clock. I also like your storage box for your make up (◕‿◕✿) xxx

  3. I nominated you for the liebster award, details on my blog!xx

  4. Your room is so cute and girly! I am SO jealous of that make up collection!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog