Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Few Little Ways to Brighten your Day

As the first month of the year is drawing to a close and we are truly starting the new year, sometimes it's inevitable that we may be hit with a little case of the 'January blues'. Christmas and the holidays are over, school is back in full swing and for a lot of us, including myself, it's getting close to a pretty important set of exams, so I often find myself pretty stressed and all the little worries seem to build up. However, considering there's no way of changing the fact that we have to go to work or school, and need to revise etc, there are other things we can do to lift our spirits and tackle it all with a positive attitude, which is super important if we are going to succeed. And considering we are all fabulous unique individuals who are hard working and ambitious, we will succeed.

1. Go for a walk!

As strange as it sounds, and as hard as it may seem in the morning to get up, I find getting up, wrapping up nice and warm with my coffee and heading out of the door with my headphones in, listening to my favourite music outside is such a simple yet wonderful way to unwind. It doesn't even have to be really early, maybe around 9am when it's still quiet and not many people are out, when you can walk around with your own thoughts, with the fresh air and nature around you, it helps me to feel a lot more zen and makes me feel very grateful that I live a life that I can just walk around freely and enjoy the world around me. Cheesy, but you'll have to try it to see!

2. Meet up with friends

This one never fails to make me happy, as we all have a friend or group of girls that we can always have a great time with and laugh and even cry with, so arrange to get to a local coffee shop or even someone's house to have a chat about what's on your mind - chances are, they're feeling the same way and you can all discuss how you're feeling and how to solve it. Being with my closest friends always makes me so happy because you can just chat for hours and it's a great way to de stress, especially if your friends can listen to what you're feeling and even offer advice if you want it.

3. Take a social media break!

As horrible and scary as this may seem at first, as I am a self confessed instagram and twitter addict, getting off your phone even for as little as an hour can really help with any build up of worries in your mind, as social media never seems to help any of them and can often make you feel worse. Take a point in your day, whether it be just before you go to bed, when you wake up, when you're home from school, whenever to switch off your technology and just be with yourself. When you don't have a million things to think about at once, your mind is more settled and you'll find it easier to relax. Read a bit of a book, a magazine, write in a diary, listen to your favourite music, take a bubble bath, do a workout, even just dance around your room for a little while and you'll feel a whole lot better.

4. Treat yourself (you deserve it!)

This doesn't mean simply food-based, although if you are feeling that last slice of chocolate cake, now is the time to go for it. Sometimes, although a little materialistic, retail therapy is a great way to let off steam and when you have something to look forward to or to make you feel great about yourself, you'll instantly feel a little more uplifted. Take a bath with the bath bomb you've been saving, buy the shoes that you thought were a little too much, because although I hate the phrase 'yolo' it really is true, and if these things are what make you happy, sometimes it's okay to treat yourself.

You deserve happiness and the right to feel great inside and out. The only person who can truly make you happy is YOU, so start by loving yourself from the inside, and others will see and love you for this. You can do it.

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