Monday, 24 February 2014

Beyonce - The Mrs. Carter Show 2014

I feel so excited to write about my recent outing to the incredible Beyonce concert in Birmingham LG Arena, it was truly an experience I won't be forgetting anytime soon! I feel very fortunate to have gone and thought I should share some photos and thoughts from this wonderful night!


To begin the festivities, my family and I had dinner in a fabby restaurant inside the arena, which was pretty sophisticated and a little overwhelming! 

I loved the way they called the courses in concert themed names, such a lovely touch! Although I didn't really understand what all of the foods were, so I took the plunge and ordered whatever, a risky move for fussy eaters like me!

(I still am not sure what my starter was but it is rather photogenic!)

Dessert was the exciting part of the meal, with an amazing white chocolate marquise (a mousse I believe?) white chocolate and vanilla sorbet and warm chocolate jelly! Almost as exciting as the queen herself.

The arena was full of excited fans like myself and such a great atmosphere, everyone was loving it!

Just incredible. Beyonce was absolutely fantastic as I thought and looked incredible as usual!

All the single ladies, now put your hands up.

Obviously, I had to invest in a few keepsakes from the night, including a programme full of gorgeous photos of the star of the show and a t shirt, not to mention keeping the ticket for my scrapbook.

I had a wonderful time and would 100000% love to go again. Beyonce, you are so worth the hype gurl!

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